Our wall decals are easy to apply, simply peel and stick! These tips and tricks will ensure you receive the best Wall Palz experience.

Wall Palz Application

Wall Palz wall decals can be placed on virtually any flat surface. The easy peel & stick process allows you to see exactly where the decal will be applied. Don't worry, if it isn't exactly how you like; you can simply peel it off the wall and reposition the decal.


Clean Surface

Thoroughly clean the area you would like to apply the decal. We recommend using a damp microfiber cloth with a small amount of soap. Ensure that the area is completely dry before applying decals.

Peel Decal

With the decal sheet down, carefully peel the decal away from the paper backing. Take extra care when peeling sharp corners to prevent tearing the decal.

Place & Stick

Hover the decal over application area and lightly press the decal to the surface. When decal is in desired location, apply more pressure to the decal from the center out. If bubbles appear, carefully peel the edge of the decal away from the wall and restick while smoothing out any bubbles.

Align Pieces

Like a puzzle, apply each piece in order as indicated on the instruction guide inside the packaging. Decals can be removed and reapplied if needed. Firmly add pressure to each piece after application.

Textured Walls

Our wall decals can be applied to textured walls with extra care. Adding heat with a hairdryer will help the decal adhere to the texture. When all pieces are applied, add more pressure to the decal pieces using a tennis ball to mold the decal to the texture.


When it's time to remove your wall decal, simply peel off each piece. Decals that have been on the wall for an extended length of time may tear during removal. The adhesive will not remove any paint from the wall.


Download App

Download the free DecalcomaniaAR app available on the App Store and Google Play. Open the DecalcomaniaAR app on your smart phone or tablet and aim it at your character, tap the target to focus the camera. Allow the character to download completely as indicated by the red circle.

Basic Features

If the wall is not well lit, tap the lightbulb in the lower left corner. A single tap on the camera icon in the bottom center will snap a photo, long press the camera icon to take a video.

Place in Space

After the character comes to life on the screen, tap the target in the upper right corner. A target will appear on the screen, aim the target where you want your character to appear and tap the target. Control the characters movements by swiping in all directions.

Download the DecalcomaniaAR App: