What is Decalcomania?

When people ask us where we work, the first thing we usually do is sound it out for them: “dee-kal-ko-mania”
When they respond with a puzzled look on their face, we continue with:

"Decal"   - a high quality sticker
"Co"   - a company
"Mania"   - really excited about our product!

Our History

Decalcomania was created in January of 2016. Prior to becoming Decalcomania, we were part of a larger company with a small focus on decals. When our decals continued to grow in popularity and require more space and focus, it was decided to separate the two entities. In simpler terms, we were the teenagers that moved out of the parents' house. We don't speak much of our history, because it's just that..history. We talk about our future, the goals we're accomplishing and the partnerships we're building.

But really, what is Decalcomania?

We are a decal company; we make car decals, phone decals, tumbler decals, wall decals, any decal you can think of. Are you a soccer mom? We have a decal for that. Are you a bass fisher? We have a decal for that. Do you have a princess on board? We have a decal for that. With more than 30,000 designs, we have a decal for virtually everything and we're building more every day. Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll make it. Want a company logo on your vehicle? We can do that too!

So what is this Augmented Reality?

Imagine you have a superhero decorating your child's bedroom wall. Open our app on your device and watch the superhero fly to life on the screen! Augmented Reality is an enhancement to our wall decals. They are more than just a decal, they are an experience that you can enjoy again and again.