Street Fighter Decal Legacy Pack

  • $ 9.98

The Street Fighter Legacy Pack includes 18 decals in a variety of art styles and sizes. We've included 8 bit decals of Ryu, Ken, Bison and Chun-Li as well as two more generations of Ryu and one of his friend Ken. Hadouken Codes you can stick on your console so you don't forget. A collection of sticker enhancements include Street Fighter lettering, a fighting ID card, and a rad KO bar. Decals range from 1" to 5".

These Street Fighter Legacy stickers stick on any flat surface like smart gadgets, gaming consoles or a laptop. Made to withstand the elements, the Street Fighter car stickers can easily go on your vehicle and stay there for years without fading or peeling. Easy peel and stick application and clean removal. Officially licensed by Capcom.

Street Fighter Stickers Kit Details

  • 3 Ryu Stickers
  • 2 Ken Stickers
  • 2 Hadouken Codes
  • 1 Bison 8 Bit
  • 1 Chun-Li 8 bit
  • 2 Street Fighter Logos
  • 1 Fight Symbol
  • 1 K.O. Symbol
  • 1 K.O. Bar
  • 1 Fighting ID Card
  • Sizes: 1" to 6"
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Easy to Apply
  • Clean Removal
  • Not Repositionable
  • Ships only in the USA

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