Mega Man Decal Sticker Legacy Pack

  • $ 9.98

Revisit the days when you covered all your possessions with stickers and played Mega Man until your mom told you to give your eyes a break. This Mega Man Decal Legacy Pack includes 24 stickers to slap on your lunch box and thermos, or any other flat surface.

The decals include different versions of Megaman, as well as villans, Dr. Wily, support robots, and Megaman Logos. The assorted decals range from .5" to 4.8".

Unlike the papery stickers from your childhood, these Mega Man decals are high quality and made to last even in the harshest climates. They can even go on your car. Easy peel and stick application and clean removal. Officially licensed by Capcom.

Mega Man Sticker Pack Details

  • 2 Megaman Logos
  • 3 Megaman Versions
  • 4 villians
  • 1 Dr. Wily
  • 2 Support robots
  • 4 Accessories
  • Decals sizes: .5" - 4.8"
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Not Reusable

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