Street Fighter 8-Bit Vega Decal

Street Fighter 8-Bit Vega Car Sticker Decal

  • $ 4.98

Street Fighter 8-Bit Vega Sticker Decal depicts the handsome narcissist competitor in simple pixels. He is ready to summon a fight in his purple pants and waiting for any excuse to take off his mask and show you his gorgeous cheekbones.

The Vega sticker sheet has a lot going on for 8 bit pixel art, just like the masked man himself. He wears a mask to protect his beautiful face from enemies and his own claw. His purple matador bottoms have gold trim and a red sash. Also included is a small bonus sticker of the special Rolling Crystal Flash combo finisher from the game. 

Made to endure rough conditions without fading or peeling, the Vega decal is printed on durable vinyl. The decals stick on any flat surface, ideal for cars and consoles, but are not reusable. 8 bit artwork officially licensed by Capcom.

Vega Decal Details

  • Vega Sticker: 3.5" x 4"
  • Rolling Crystal Flash Combo Sticker: 1" x 3.2"
  • Ships within USA Only
  • Not Repositionable
  • Clean Removal
  • Officially Licensed by Capcom

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