Monster Jam Megalodon Trucks Decal Pack

  • $ 9.98

The Monster Jam Megalodon Decal Pack is dedicated to one of the newest monster trucks on the track. The stickers capture the life-like shark ready to eat any small fish in his way.

These Megalodon car stickers are for fans of the truck inspired by one of the most powerful predators in history. Decal Pack features 6 truck decals, 1 Megalodon Logo, 1 Monster Jam Logo and 1 Ramp. Decal sizes range from 1.5" to 5.8".

The Megalodon sticker pack includes 9 decals to stick on your vehicle or any flat surface. They are durable and ready to race even in the harshest climates. Easy peel and stick application and clean removal. Officially licensed by Monster Jam. Ships within the USA only.

Megalodon Sticker Pack Details

  • 6 Megalodon Truck Decals
  • 1 Megalodon Logo
  • 1 Monster Jam Logo
  • 1 Mud Ramp
  • Decals sizes: 1.5" to 5.8"
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Not Reusable

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