Marvel Thor Augmented Reality Wall Decal

  • $ 24.99

Mix & Match Any 2 Wall Decals for $30! 

The Mighty Thor Wall Decal

From the power of thunder, this Thor wall decal comes crashing out of your wall and swings his hammer around your room! Like the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, we've enchanted this large Thor sticker to come to life when you command. This augmented reality Thor wall decal explodes into action when captured on your smart phone or tablet using our app.

Apply the decal to your wall and watch Thor come to life with your smart device! The Thor decal pack includes one large Augmented Reality Thor sized 23" x 27" and 9 bonus decals. The smaller bonus decals do not have augmented reality, but do feature impressive artwork fit for a god's lair. All decals are repositionable and can be reapplied several times without losing stickiness or damaging the surface. Designed for indoor use. 

Thor Wall Sticker Details

  • Large Augmented Reality Decal: 23" x 27"
  • Easy to apply in 4 steps
  • 9 Bonus decals size: 3" - 7"
  • Bonus decals do not have Augmented Reality
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Repositionable
  • Easy and clean removal


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